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Political Participants

Electoral Financing and Disclosure

Electoral Financing and Disclosure

What’s New

  • Reminder: There are rules for candidates, political parties and election advertising sponsors on General Voting Day. Learn more here.
  • Supplementary annual financial reports for political parties have been published in the Financial Reports and Political Contributions system. Learn more here.
  • Expenses limits for the 41st Provincial General Election have been established for candidates, political parties and third party advertising sponsors. Learn more.
  • Guidelines for Using Crowdfunding for Provincial Political Fundraising (PDF)
  • Individuals who make their own election advertising materials on a small scale are not election advertising sponsors under the Election Act. Read this bulletin (PDF) for more information.
  • Election messages transmitted over the Internet without a placement cost are not election advertising. Read this bulletin (PDF) for more information.

Financial reports and political contributions

View financial reports filed with Elections BC and search for political contributors under the Election Act in our Financial Reports and Political Contributions (FRPC) system.

Financial agents

Financial agents are responsible for administering the finances of political participants in accordance with the Election Act and filing disclosure reports.

Tools for financial agents



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