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Elections BC often issues an electoral finance newsletter after an electoral event or before a financial reporting deadline. The content of the newsletter varies, but it usually includes helpful hints for financial agents, tips for filing annual financial reports, news about legislative changes and other useful information.

To view past newsletters, please click on the links below.

November 2015 Impact of the Electoral Boundary Commission

August 2015 Election Act Amendments

January 2015 Annual Financial Reports

January 2014 Annual Financial Reports

June 2013 Election Financing Reports

June 2013 Constituency Association Election Financing Reports Insert

January 2013 Annual and Election Financing Reports

January 2012 Annual Financial Reports

January 2011 Annual Financial Reports

January 2010 Annual Financial Reports

June 2009 Election Financing Reports

June 2009 Constituency Associations Election Financing Reports Insert

September 2008 Changes to the Election Act

July 2008 New Electoral Districts and Registration

January 2008 Annual Financial Reports

July 2005 Post-Election Update

March 2005 Pre-Election Update

March 2003 Changes to Legislation

June 2001 Election Reporting

January 2000 Impact of the Electoral Boundaries Commission

December 1999 Political Contributions

February 1998 Annual Financial Reports

October 1997 Political Contributions

August 1997 Fundraising Functions

June 1997 Transfers