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Student Vote

Student Vote is a non-partisan, parallel election program for students under the voting age. The program provides students with an opportunity to experience their democracy first-hand and build a habit of voting that will last a lifetime.

Registered schools receive a free election package that includes activity guides, posters, electoral district maps, ballot boxes, voting screens and ballots. On the day before General Voting Day for an election, schools host a Student Vote Day. Students take on the roles of voting officials and organize a parallel vote using the materials provided.

Identical to the official election process, students have the opportunity to vote on local candidates in their electoral district, and are encouraged to learn about party platforms, local candidates, and foster dialogue among students and their families.

2017 Provincial General Election

Elections BC partnered with CIVIX to deliver the Student Vote program for the 2017 Provincial General Election held on May 9, 2017. For more information visit

Past Events

In 2013, Elections BC partnered with CIVIX to deliver the Student Vote program for the third time during a general election. The program was delivered to elementary, middle and high schools throughout B.C. The 2013 program was the most successful yet, with 766 schools registered and over 100,000 students participating.

The Student Vote results were announced following the close of voting on May 14, and published in newspapers the following day.